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Re: newbie question ldif2ldbm

Uli Kleemann wrote:
Michael StrÃder <michael@stroeder.com> wrote:

Uli Kleemann wrote:
I am currently configuring an openldap server on ubuntu-server 8
My question is where to find the command:


to convert my ldiff files to dbm
This file is outdated! Use a recent version of OpenLDAP and use the command-line tool slapadd.

Many Thanks for your comment I alleged that this file is outdated but as it is still mentioned in many HOWTOS and books I wasn't shure about that.

That's the problem with many unofficial docs out there. They are most times outdated or only describe a very specific configuration. And sometimes these HOWTOs are plain dead wrong. It's best to stick to the official docs of the OpenLDAP projects.

The Admin Guide for OpenLDAP 2.4:


Further reading:
However with your linked HOWTO I think I can manage it.

This is the official admin guide, not just a HOWTO. Thanks to the OpenLDAP team, it tries to cover different deployment scenarios. So it's worth to read it. You're certainly welcome to ask on the mailing list if you have any problem understanding something.

Ciao, Michael.