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Hello all,

I would like to have an advise on how to use syncrepl.
Here's the situation: I plan on having one master server, and, later, adding a slave server. I would like this slave to have all the data contained in the master + replicate any modification done on the master. Thus, if the master fails, my application (knowing the address of the slave server) could detect it and switch to the slave server.
But what is the best way to do when I switch on the slave server ? Is there an automatic way for the synrepl setting to initiate the slave in the same state as the master when the slave is switched on.
For the moment I managed to have the slave replicate the changes made on the master, but I could not auto-initiate the slave to the same data that the master contains. So I did it by hand by exporting/importing an ldif file.
I must add that my database contains very few data (about 200 entries).

Thanks a lot for any feedback

Francois Marot