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Re: Re: slapd dies immediately with signal 9

On Wed, 23 Jul 2008, openldap.lists@frei-family.ch wrote:

So the problem must be somewhere in the "make install" step - in a simplistic

Good experimentation. I think we're on the right track but pointing at the wrong program. You're probably still getting hit by GNU binutils, but not ld -- it's strip. (Which also, in some iterations, has been hopelessly flawed for Solaris.) Two good experiments (let gmake = GNU make):

gmake install STRIP=''


gmake install STRIP='/usr/ccs/bin/strip'

I personally recommend not stripping binaries unless you are in a severely space limited environment. Given modern storage sizes, "severely space limited" is becoming extremely specialized.

As an aside, autoconf itself can't (couldn't? I don't retest this at each release) handle an empty setting there, so for that phase I use

STRIP='/bin/true' [...] ./configure [...]