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Re: Re: slapd dies immediately with signal 9

Hi all,

thanks for your valuable input. The hint towards the crle tool is a good one but I'd like to keep that kind of heavy artillery as a measure of last resort.

In the meantime I analysed further and here's what I found:
- I followed the fact that "make test" ran through without a single failed test, therefore the slapd which is fired up during that phase must be healthy.
- The slapd / slurpd information I posted in my original email was taken from my destination directory.
- By comparing the slapd binary in the build directory with the one at the destination it became apparent that they differ in size (build: about 8MBytes, destination: about 3 MBytes)
- When checking out the slapd in the build directory I encountered a completely healthy binary which could be started and checked with ldd, truss etc.

So the problem must be somewhere in the "make install" step - in a simplistic view that should merely be a simple file copy from build to destination but apparently the slapd is not only copied but somehow "re-assembled" which leads to an incomplete state of slapd that dies immediately.

As I couldn't find any options for "make install" in the admin guides I'd be grateful for any hints/pointers helping me to overcome that last hurdle.