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Re: syncrepl failure logs/configuring alias deref

On Wed, 16 Jul 2008, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

> Yes.  My point is: why doesn't this work for you?

It does (and is for now), but requires I edit the system startup script
(/etc/init.d/slapd). I'd rather have a configuration mechanism that doesn't
need me to tweak parts of the OS not intended to be modified for
configuration purposes.

> What other method would you suggest?

That slapd never make a syncrepl request with deref aliases enabled
(regardless of global ldap.conf settings), as that will always fail. Or a
mechanism allowing specific ldap options to be set for slapd either in the
config file or via command line options. Per Howard's suggestion, I opened
an ITS for each of those.

> The fact that a client needs alias dereferencing set globally to work to
> me seems to be broken, and does not deserve to require breaking the rest
> of the system.  You should rather work at providing __that__ client a
> specific ldap.conf, without breaking the rest of the system.

The only thing I've found broken so far is slapd syncrepl.

Arguably, this problem could also be solved if the automount configuration
allowed changing ldap client options. However, it really seems more apropos
for slapd to be more flexable than automount. Also, automount doesn't need
alias dereferencing set in general, just specifically in my environment
given how I integrated automount entries into my existing user/group

My problem is that barring the feature of some specific ldap configuration
options in a client, there is no way for two clients running as the same
user with the same home directory, the same current working directory, and
the same environment to have different ldap library settings. I can kludge
around that by tweaking OS startup scripts, but would rather have a
solution that fits into configuration files. I could be bugging the
automounter folk to add more ldap configuration options, but think in
general this feature would be more valuable in slapd.