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Re: syncrepl failure logs/configuring alias deref

Paul B. Henson wrote:
On Sun, 13 Jul 2008, Howard Chu wrote:

Just adding "packets" to your debug level would have given you readable
packet logs, without having to compromise security by disabling TLS.

I actually had all debugging enabled, which was perhaps was too much and resulted in my missing that information.

If you want suggestions to actually get acted on, submit an ITS.


There appears to be three ways to define configuration: the global
configuration file, a configuration file in the home directory, or an
environment variable.
Re-read ldap.conf(5). There are other choices as well.

The only other choice I see is an "ldaprc" file in the current working directory, which also will not work for me because both slapd and the automounter process both have a working directory of /. Is there a fourth option I missed? As I said, ideally I would like a configuration mechanism that does not require me to change bits of the operating system (such as /etc/init.d/slapd).

You can use LDAPCONF=/path/to/specific/ldap.conf to force slapd to use a specific ldap.conf file. You could even use LDAPNOINIT=1 to disable initializing from the ldap.conf mechanism.


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