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RE: Installation problem with Berkeley DB

Correct. That is why, as I mentioned in the first mail, I installed Berkeley DB 4.5. I did not uninstall version 4.3 since I don't know what else in the system is using it and I don't want to break anything.

The problem is that even though I installed version 4.5 OpenLDAP configure script still wants to use version 4.3 even after I tell him to look for libraries in the Berkeley 4.5 folder (with --includedir=/folder/) ... what I really need to know is how I can force him to ignore /usr/lib for Berkeley and use /usr/local/bdb4.5 instead.

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--On Friday, June 20, 2008 4:31 PM +0100 Nuno Manuel Martins
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> It does mention that the configure script will set environment setting
> and "if" it all goes well this should be enough. Doesn't mention much in
> case things go wrong except to take a look at config.log which tells me
> it can't compile with Berkely 4.3 due to some problem with linking which
> I have no clue about since I am no developer and have little
> understanding of programming in general and C in particular.
> That much I had understood from Google, what I was looking for though was
> a workaround for the problem.

The workaround is, don't use BDB 4.3.  It's not supported with OpenLDAP
because BDB 4.3 showed itself to be unreliable.



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