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RE: Installation problem with Berkeley DB

--On Friday, June 20, 2008 4:31 PM +0100 Nuno Manuel Martins <nuno.mmartins_externo@sonae.com> wrote:

It does mention that the configure script will set environment setting and "if" it all goes well this should be enough. Doesn't mention much in case things go wrong except to take a look at config.log which tells me it can't compile with Berkely 4.3 due to some problem with linking which I have no clue about since I am no developer and have little understanding of programming in general and C in particular.

That much I had understood from Google, what I was looking for though was
a workaround for the problem.

The workaround is, don't use BDB 4.3. It's not supported with OpenLDAP because BDB 4.3 showed itself to be unreliable.



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