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Re: Adding additional schema - objectClass: value #1 invalid per syntax

Buchan Milne wrote:
This is an LDIF-format schema file, typically for use with FDS/Sun JES/Netscape etc. Why don't you use the sudo.schema provided for OpenLDAP instead?
What I used what what I found by googling. I'm a beginner. I appreciate the pointer. I'm still learning where things are. Where is sudo.schema, and similar resources, provided (besides the SVN listed below?)

(or, you can grab it here: http://svn.mandriva.com/cgi-bin/viewvc.cgi/packages/cooker/openldap/current/SOURCES/sudo.schema?revision=85700&view=markup

But, it works because it is ignoring the ldif parts, and you've broken the ldif parts to look like a normal OpenLDAP schema definition ... now technically the file is neither ...

OK, we'll get this cleaned up, and get my understanding cleaned up in the process. Many thanks.