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Re: automatic uidnumber overlay

Howard Chu wrote:
Joel Reed wrote:
The attached uidnumber.c overlay intercepts ADD requests for entries
with a posixAccount objectclass that do not have a uidNumber. When such
ADD requests are found, the overlay searches the directory for the
largest uidNumber, then automatically adds a uidNumber attribute of
largest+1 to the entry being added.

Interesting. Perhaps instead, your overlay should just maintain a fixed entry with a copy of the largest uidNumber in it, instead of searching the entire tree all the time.

I did consider this, but didn't implement it because I was thinking about running in an N-Way Multi-Master configuration. On further reflection, this scheme would probably still not support such a configuration under load.

Obviously, the approach I took doesn't scale well as you point out. I think I will punt on supporting N-Way Multi-Master configs and either use the approach you note above or the sambaUnixIdPool approach noted elsewhere in this thread.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback. Greatly appreciated.