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Re: Unexpected crash

On 5/22/08 4:13 PM, Howard Chu wrote:

No, the syncprov-sessionlog is totally superfluous when you're using delta-syncrepl.

Ok, I'll stop looking at that one.

Also, for the accesslog DB, you may want to set a cachesize value.  I
haven't really experimented with that, but it could be worthwhile.

It doesn't need to be anything huge. The volume of entries in the accesslog DB is pretty much always going to be much smaller than the main DB.

Re-reading the slapd-hdb man page again, looks like the cachesize defaults to 1000 and the idlcachesize defaults to 0. The man page suggests that the idlcachesize should be at least 3x the cachesize. Does that guideline hold for accesslog DB as well?

As an aside, researching the past 30 days of nightly updates, I find that the 32000 updates that happened yesterday are abnormal (happens only at semester change -- so, four times a year). The normal number of updates is in the 200-2300 range (the average being 842, the median being 806).

So, I'm thinking something along the lines of a cachesize of 5000 and idlcachesize of 15000. Does that make sense?


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