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Re: Unexpected crash

--On Thursday, May 22, 2008 2:55 PM -0400 Francis Swasey <Frank.Swasey@uvm.edu> wrote:

How many threads does the master slapd have available to it?  Also, how
much of a cache do you have defined for syncprov and the accesslog db?

The master has the default of 16 threads (ie, I don't specify the threads keyword in the slapd.conf file).

As for the cache for syncprov and accesslog db, I am not certain of what
you are asking for.  I don't have any "cache" type statements for either
of them in the slapd.conf file and I'm not setting syncprov-sessionlog

You definitely should have a syncprov-sessionlog setting (syncprov cache). It'll help with anything except ADD ops.

Also, for the accesslog DB, you may want to set a cachesize value. I haven't really experimented with that, but it could be worthwhile.



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