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Re: A question about log messages

Ryan Steele writes:
> I see no "matched" field defined in that RFC, only "matchedDN".  For
> that matter, I don't see "text" either, but I do see
> "diagnosticMessage".  Are these each respectively equivalent?


> The RFC also says "For certain result codes (typically, but not
> restricted to noSuchObject, aliasProblem, invalidDNSyntax, and
> aliasDereferencingProblem), the matchedDN field is set (subject to
> access controls) to the name of the last entry (object or alias) used
> in finding the target (or base) object...", so I'm guessing since it's
> empty for me on a successful search, result code 0 is not among those?

Right.  Result code 0 is success.  The matchedDN and diagnosticMessage
fields are normally used as supplementary information for error result
codes.  E.g. with result code noSuchObject, matchedDN may be set to the
DN of the closest (grand...)parent which does exist.