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Re: A question about log messages

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> Ryan Steele wrote:
>> Hey folks,
>> While researching another problem, I noticed that even on successful
>> searches (e.g., entries returned that match the filters I set), I see
>> the following in the logs:
>> Apr 23 12:45:11 ldapmaster slapd[30294]: send_ldap_result: err=0
>> matched="" text=""
>> It almost looks to me like it's saying didn't match anything, when in
>> fact it does return entries.  I tried looking through the man pages for
>> an explanation, but didn't find one.  If anyone could point me to said
>> documentation, or explain how the above message is supposed to be
>> interpreted given the context of the situation, I'd be much obliged.
> "matched" is a field of the LDAP result message as specified in
> RFC4511, section 4.1.9.  That log indicates that the "matched" field
> is empty.
> p.

I see no "matched" field defined in that RFC, only "matchedDN".  For
that matter, I don't see "text" either, but I do see
"diagnosticMessage".  Are these each respectively equivalent?  The RFC
also says "For certain result codes (typically, but not restricted to
noSuchObject, aliasProblem, invalidDNSyntax, and
aliasDereferencingProblem), the matchedDN field is set (subject to
access controls) to the name of the last entry (object or alias) used in
finding the target (or base) object...", so I'm guessing since it's
empty for me on a successful search, result code 0 is not among those?