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Re: error while adding entry using ldap.jar JAVA API

Brandon McCombs wrote:

Brandon's question is completely off base. The Project has been actively supporting the 2.3 release for almost 3 years now. For a volunteer effort that's pretty damn good.
With that last statement it sounds like you think I'm suggesting you guys don't work hard to fix bugs in old releases which isn't what I originally stated. I meant that it seemed to me like supporting older releases from a *troubleshooting* perspective didn't seem to happen much on this list. Support by backporting patches to old releases and support by troubleshooting old releases without requiring an upgrade prior to troubleshooting are 2 different things. It's akin to companies requiring a supported configuration prior to troubleshooting a problem, even if the supported configuration is technically and seemingly unrelated to the problem. Nothing happens until the supported configuration exists on the customer side. Sometimes it looks like that happens here. Obviously others disagree. Oh well, just my opinion.

Since troubleshooting is done on a voluntary basis, we do not provide any support for old releases. stop. We provide support for the latest release. stop. So upgrading to the latest is a prerequisite to get (yet voluntary, free and unpaid) support.

Anyone then is free to help others troubleshooting without prior upgrading, but that's another point. In any case, if the troubleshooting without upgrading ends up in discovering and fixing a new bug, the fix will only be released as a patch to the laters release, so an upgrade will be required anyway, unless one is fine with manually patching the old release's source code.


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