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Re: error while adding entry using ldap.jar JAVA API

John Drescher wrote:
  Is it just me or do people on this list never support problems related to
anything but the latest release? Not everyone can immediately upgrade to the
latest release to fix any issues they have, and they shouldn't have to
either. Previous versions (to an extent) should be supported just like any
other product.

Its very difficult for any open source software project to support
several year old versions of software that the bugs have been long
since fixed. Even if they backported the fixes the user probably could
not get them in their distro anyways.

Certainly true, but in this case the original poster was already on the current *release* - i.e., 2.3. But they did not have the current *patchlevel*, i.e. there are 14 released patchsets since 2.3.27.

Brandon's question is completely off base. The Project has been actively supporting the 2.3 release for almost 3 years now. For a volunteer effort that's pretty damn good.
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