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Re: Master-Master replication mode

Multi-Master does work in 2.4.  I recommend using 2.4 or above.

Multi-Master has issues in general, weather you use Sun LDAP, NDS, etc.   Nothing is foolproof or a panacea.  You should read up on the Replication section of the Admin guide, and also read the man pages for slapd, slapo-*, etc.  There are items in the man pages that will supplement that admin guide. 

Each replication method has benefits and drawbacks.  Depending on your usage or data, one may prove a better solution than the other.  

There is no easy answer, it will require you to do some reading and work.   

If you have specific questions about specific items, feel free to post and hopefully someone can help explain in detail.

On Apr 9, 2008, at 5:18 AM, Padmavathi Dt wrote:

Hii Jorn,
Thanks for your quick response.I have gone through the mailing list archive.But the point is that someone says that it is possible and some say that it is not and harmful as well.
I am not able to come to a conclusion regarding this issue.I need to report the result to my superior and I am not able to find a way........
Please help me.
According to the link (FAQ) you have sent,
it is not supported uptill 2.4..
And that 2.4 supports multi-master using syncrepl.Admin guide has no info about setting this up(on multi-master mode) I guess....
If it is supported,from where can i get  HOWTO?

I think lot of people have already gone through this phase.So anyone please help me as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot for ur help..

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