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Re: paged results vs socket send buffer size

Michael Ströder writes:
> Is that really a problem?  How often is "occasionally"?

Don't know, and don't know.

> To me 2.5 MB does not sound so much to justify thinking about changing
> the client app in such a network- and data-specific way.

OK, good.  I've no experience with that kind of search result sizes
myself.  Though the client side change is just a config directive so
far.  getgrent() with nss_ldap.  Others may come later.

> Does it block other operations from different apps?

Don't know yet, that's what I was wondering about.  Like I said I
imagine it can, if the threads get blocked.  We've just multiplied the
server-side sizelimit with 200 to accomodate the change:-(  So it's a
jump in what degree the server is at the mercy of the clients.