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Re: modify on the fly attributes sent to client

Matthieu wrote:

Thanks for your feed back
So I've try to make somes tests to validate my rewrite rules.
Here's part of my slapd.conf:

moduleload      rwm

overlay rwm
rwm-rewriteEngine on
rwm-rewriteContext default
rwm-map attribute company       o
rwm-map attribute mailNickname  mozillaNickName

it's work fine with company attribute: "company" is found both with two clients. but for nickname, it's appear only with windows' client.
so I suppose that another attribute is match under mozilla client for the organization attribute value, but nickname is wrote back but not copy
so my question is:
how can I specify that I wants to keep mozillaNickName attribute and copy it's value for a mailNickName attribute?

Simply you can't; slapo-rwm(5) only maps attribute names, does not duplicate them. There are two solutions:

1) write your own overlay that does what you need

2) use virtual databases to allow accessing the same data by two different client types:
- use the real database for clients that use the real schema
- use a virtual database (namely, a virtual naming context referring to the real one using slapd-relay(5)) which rewrites the naming context and maps the desired attributes according to the schema you want to use.

So, for example:

database bdb
suffix dc=real
# searches for dc=real return mozillaNickName

database relay
suffix dc=virtual
overlay rwm
rwm-suffixmassage dc=real
rwm-map attribute company       o
rwm-map attribute mailNickname  mozillaNickName
# searches for dc=virtual return mozillaNickName


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