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modify on the fly attributes sent to client

Hello everybody,

I'm front a problem with my openldap 2.3.30 server software and hope you can give me help to solve it.
problem is the following one: I use a mozilla schema for my address book but need to make it compliant with another one (window's one)
I have found some matching fields from my current model to windows model's one but don't wants to duplicate them and don't wants to define a schema for the window's model.
Is there a way to rewrite answer to "add" a field with the value of one of the answer in the answer send to client?
for example it's seems that "mozillaNickname" is equal to "surname" in the windows schema, but I don't wants to make a schema for the window's model and just want to send the mozillaNickName attribute and value with a copy of the value for an attribute surname.
best regards,