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Re: New error (ldap_get_values_len returns NULL)

Brian Hechinger wrote:
On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 03:38:25PM -0500, Brian Hechinger wrote:

  attr_values = ldap_get_values_len(ldap_conn, entry, mod_auth_conf.ldap.active_attr);

fails with: Decoding error

the attribute I hand it exists in the record it's searching for.

Bah, the bind credentials I was given can't see that attribute even though I was told it could. That'll teach me to trust people. ;)

However, is there a way to determine why this failed?  "Decoding error" isn't
nearly as useful as "This attribute doesn't exist".

OpenLDAP software is usually fair. When it gets "This attribute doesn't exist" it prints "This attribute doesn't exist". If it prints "Decoding error" then it was unable to decode the server's response.

Unfortunately you seem to pretend that the client uses a crystal ball instead of pretending that the server returns well-formed packets. And you seem to pretend that we also use a crystal ball by not providing any useful info about the players in your game.

What server, what version, what request is being sent? Can you provide a dump of the response, in order to try to understand why OpenLDAP can't decode it? I infer from a previous message of yours that you're using the client library from OpenLDAP 2.4.8, can you confirm this?


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