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Re: replication problem

Buchan Milne a Ãcrit :

Since by default only rootdn has unlimited access, and since you did not include your provider's slapd.conf (or any evidence that you have ensured that the consumer's binddn has unlimited access), and since you did not include the result code in your output, and since you did not state how many entries you have (as the default sizelimit is 500) I would still suspect this.
As I said in my first message, I have no acces to the slapd.conf of the provider. I think I have unlimited read access, my dn (cn=sync-dr13) have no limited result entries :
as anonymous, ldapsearch on provider return 50 entires
as cn=sync-dr13, return me 109280 entries

I only synchronize (cnrsdelegation=dr13*).
A search on the provider with this filter return 4845
Same search on the consumer give me 4845 results so I have all the entries

But, if you are sure this is not the issue, you'll have to look for another cause (even though the consumer not being able to retrieve all the entries is the most likely cause of the contextCSN not being updated on an initial sync).
I ask the provider server to give me the ACL for my dn ...


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