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Re: How is the intention to change config?

On Friday 07 March 2008 11:46:41 openldap wrote:
> Hi LDAPers
> [cvs@myhost ~]$ rpm -q openldap-servers
> openldap-servers-2.3.39-1.fc8
> [cvs@myhost ~]$
> As far as i have understood, the openldap config is moving towards
> beeing fully LDAP integrated, i.e. you will change the config using
> ldapmodify, you will add to the config using ldapadd, you will view the
> config using ldapsearch.
> That created me a problem: i had to add a  schema. what i did: i created
> a new olcInclude object into cn=config. This object, however, was not
> stable, it got lost at the next slapd restart.

Did the user slapd was running as have write access to the appropriate 
directory, so that it *could* ensure the changes were written to disk?

> When i consulted this discussion list, i was informed that adding a new
> olcInclude object is not the correct way to add a new schema. But i was
> not informed on how the intention is to do it.

Did you consult any documentation ?


> I imagine that another way would be to convert the schema from the
> schema file manually/directly into olcAtttributeTypes, olcObjectClasses,
> olcObjectIdentifier and insert them  into the cn=schema,cn=config. This,
> however, would be a very error prone action.

Yes, however I would rather use a trivial one-line script for that.

> Also, the handling of the access rights in the future is far from clear.

Which access rights?

> When i consulted the openldap docu, i found put me in front of a
> fait-accompli: that is how it is, help yourself.
> could someone shed some light on the evolution process from file-based
> config into LDAP-based config?

Besides reading the documentation ?