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Re: openldap 2.4.8 and autogroup contrib


I correct a small error on the class :
objectClass ( NAME 'ezDynGroup' SUP top MUST ( cn ) MAY ( ezMemberURL $ description $ ezMember ) )

(I replace ou by cn).

But no changes.


Guy Deleeuw a écrit :

I just compile the openldap 2.4.8 version and I try the overlay autogroup from the contrib

On my own schema I create 2 attributes description :
attributeType ( NAME 'ezMemberURL'
       SUP memberURL )

attributeType ( NAME 'ezMember'
       SUP member )

And a new objectClass :
objectClass ( NAME 'ezDynGroup' SUP top MUST ( ou ) MAY ( ezMemberURL $ description $ ezMember ) )

In slapd.conf :
overlay autogroup
autogroup-attrset ezDynGroup ezMemberURL ezMember

overlay dynlist
dynlist-attrset groupOfURLs memberURL

First question :  the ezMember is required on the class definition ?

I cannot return the  ezMember :

root@nova:~# ldapsearch -x -LLL -b "ou=dynLists,o=Eurofer,c=be" -s sub "(&(&(objectClass=ezDynGroup)))"
dn: ou=ezDynList1,ou=dynLists,o=Eurofer,c=be
objectClass: top
objectClass: ezDynGroup
ou: ezDynList1
ezMemberURL: ldap:///br=Internal,o=Eurofer,c=be??sub?(&(uid=*))
description: testgroup

Could you help me or give me a link to more informations ?

Thanks in advance