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Re: OpenLDAP and RFC 2849 [not 2489]

On Thu, 21 Feb 2008, Michael Ströder wrote:

> > LDAPSEARCH will always include a trailing newline if there is data; is 
> > this technically correct behaviour?
> Can you please elaborate what's the issue with this is? I don't know any 
> implementation which has problems with it. BTW: python-ldap's module 
> ldif also generates an empty line at the end of each record, also the 
> last one. And off course when parsing entries this is handled as well.

I turned the guts of my "ldapdiff" utility into a Perl function to make it 
available to other scripts, and a colleague complained that when comparing 
two identical entries a blank line was returned, which I assumed was 
correct behaviour i.e. no LDIF update commands but you still get the 
trailing line.

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