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Re: OpenLDAP and RFC 2849 [not 2489]

Dave Horsfall writes:
> I turned the guts of my "ldapdiff" utility into a Perl function to
> make it available to other scripts, and a colleague complained that
> when comparing two identical entries a blank line was returned, which
> I assumed was correct behaviour i.e. no LDIF update commands but you
> still get the trailing line.

You can't make an RFC 2849-compliant "no-op LDIF" in any case.  Look at
the grammar: It wants one or more entry.
  ldif-file                = ldif-content / ldif-changes
  ldif-content             = version-spec 1*(1*SEP ldif-attrval-record)
  ldif-changes             = version-spec 1*(1*SEP ldif-change-record)
Which is silly.  That RFC does need some fixes.

Also it wants a "version: 1" line, so I guess an LDIF without "version:"
should be said to have some informal pre-RFC LDIF format.