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Re: OpenLDAP and RFC 2849 [not 2489]

Dave Horsfall wrote:
On Thu, 21 Feb 2008, Michael Ströder wrote:

LDAPSEARCH will always include a trailing newline if there is data; is this technically correct behaviour?
Can you please elaborate what's the issue with this is?

I turned the guts of my "ldapdiff" utility into a Perl function to make it available to other scripts, and a colleague complained that when comparing two identical entries a blank line was returned, which I assumed was correct behaviour i.e. no LDIF update commands but you still get the trailing line.

So I'd consider the diff mechanism needs some work. Not sure what the output of your ldapdiff utility should look like. If it's meant to generate LDIF with change records and there are no changes at all it should return nothing, nada.

This is again a prime example why I most times recommend not to take the loop way over text processing to do database access via LDAP. Rather consider to process diff's directly in syncing processes.

Ciao, Michael.