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Re: cn=config and cn=monitor questions

Ron Aitchison wrote:

>> My point is that there might well be some problem there, since
>> back-monitor came before back-config (otherwise back-monitor would
>> probably have done well without update capabilities, at least in areas
>> now covered by back-config).  Sometimes, those issues, if any, don't
>> show up immediately, but rather when users try to do something uncommon,
>> either on purpose or by chance.  That's why I ask you to explain the
>> best you can what inconsistency you see and what operation triggered
>> that inconsistency (if there's any inconsistency at all, we'll judge
>> that later).
> subtle but understandable - as a passing note for the future there does
> seem to be some merit in combining monitor and config into a single
> capability - ah if there was only enough time

Well, an important reason for keeping them separate is that working with
monitor does not impact other operations, while working with config in
most cases requires other operations to be idle.

>> Well, monitor schema is schema like any other.  Since slapd puts all of
>> its schema in there, it should be there:
> tried command exactly as you stated - no objectclasses or attributetypes
> for 'monitor' - did the same with + - can send full list if required - I
> could not see any relevant schema - the original slapd.conf had includes
> for core, cosine and inetorgperson only- but I'm on cn=config though I
> can't see what difference that would make? Am I missing an include?

That schema is hardcoded in back-monitor code (it is registered run-time
when the monitor backend is initialized).  If you don't see it, probably
you're not loading the back_monitor module or something like that.


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