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cn=config and cn=monitor questions

I'm using 2.4.7 on Freebsd (5.4 and 6.2) and have a couple of questions:
I had a couple of nasty signal 11 crashes trying to start cn=monitor using cn=config (OK - a tad ambitious) which obviously lost all my configuration changes:
Question 1:
Is there anyway I can force or control an update to the cn=config LDIF files in slapd.d
To get cn=monitor running I finally dropped back into slapd.conf and reconverted to slapd.d now I have three more questions about cn=monitor:
Question 2:
The log section in the 2.4 manual (18.4.5) has a slightly bizarre explanation suggesting that the log values are controlled via the description attribute. Whereas the description attribute under cn=log,cn=monitor suggests that they are controlled via managedInfo attributes which seems more sensible. Perhaps someone could confirm.
Question 3:
I have a olcLogLevel attribute of any (-1) visible through cn=config but was surprised this was not used to initialize the log settings of cn=log,cn=monitor.
I added a managedInfo attribute under cn=log,cn=monitor (for ACL) which did precisely zilch (it did not add a logging object which I would have expected). Further after a stop/start the managedInfo attribute had disappeared from cn=log,cn=monitor.
Question 4:
Where is/are the schema/objectclasses for cn=monitor stored! I tried to get them using cn=subschema,cn=monitor - nada.
Thanks in advance for any help

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