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Re: cn=config and cn=monitor questions

Ron Aitchison wrote:
> I'm using 2.4.7 on Freebsd (5.4 and 6.2) and have a couple of questions:

two couples, I'd say ;)

> I had a couple of nasty signal 11 crashes trying to start cn=monitor
> using cn=config

I suggest you file an ITS <http://www.openldap.org/its/> for this, with
steps to reproduce consistently from a simple configuration.

> (OK - a tad ambitious) which obviously lost all my
> configuration changes:
> Question 1:
> Is there anyway I can force or control an update to the cn=config LDIF
> files in slapd.d
> To get cn=monitor running I finally dropped back into slapd.conf and
> reconverted to slapd.d now I have three more questions about cn=monitor:

Not sure what you mean there.  If you know what you're doing, you could
even populate the cn=config tree by hand, by adding the appropriate
directory tree and LDIF files.  Of course, this is not recommended (nor
documented).  So you should use regular LDAP write operations, and if
they don't work, or crash the server, notify it (by way of the ITS) so
that they can be (hopefully) fixed.

> Question 2:
> The log section in the 2.4 manual (18.4.5) has a slightly bizarre
> explanation suggesting that the log values are controlled via the
> description attribute.

Incorrect (you could file an ITS for the documentation as well)

> Whereas the description attribute under
> cn=log,cn=monitor suggests that they are controlled via managedInfo
> attributes which seems more sensible. Perhaps someone could confirm.


> Question 3:
> I have a olcLogLevel attribute of any (-1) visible through cn=config but
> was surprised this was not used to initialize the log settings of
> cn=log,cn=monitor.

cn=monitor presents whatever value of loglevel was set at startup time -
by startup I mean startup of the monitor database.  Subsequently, if you
modify cn=config or cn=monitor, the managedInfo attribute should reflect
it.  Your message seems to indicate there's a mishandling of
modifications.  If you could clarify it a little bit further, it could
be investigated and fixed, if a fix is needed.

> I added a managedInfo attribute under cn=log,cn=monitor (for ACL) which
> did precisely zilch (it did not add a logging object which I would have
> expected). Further after a stop/start the managedInfo attribute had
> disappeared from cn=log,cn=monitor.

You can't fall back to slapd.conf __and__ preserve cn=config stuff.
Either you fall back to slapd.conf, you need to generate a new
cn=config, losing any modifications.  Or, slapd.conf is ignored.

> Question 4:
> Where is/are the schema/objectclasses for cn=monitor stored! I tried to
> get them using cn=subschema,cn=monitor - nada.

cn=subschema, like all OpenLDAP's slapd schema.


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