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Re: very slow queries sometimes with alias deref always and scope sub

> On Dec 20, 2007, at 12:48 PM, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote: >> The fact that it is sporadic and not consistent would seem to me to >> indicate that there's something else going on here.

I'm agree...

>> Have you examined
>> what's happening to your servers during the slow times vs the fast times?
>> I.e., more clients doing queries? etc.

All the servers are used differntly : differents applications from differents networks.

The problem happens simultaneously on all servers but load-average and cpu-usage are normal on all servers during the problem. Only servers used by applications who make a massive usage of alias deref always have there load-average increase during the problem

Le 20.12.2007 20:03, Chris G. Sellers a écrit :
Is your issue indexing related. Are you searching items that may or may not be indexed?

I don't think that the issue is indexing related because the request is done quickly when it is done with alias deref never.

Are doing doing a lot of adds that take indexing time while you are doing the searches?

I haven't see a massive add of entries during the problem.