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Problems when following referrals with ldapsearch

Title: Problems when following referrals with ldapsearch

Hi !

   I have configured an slapd/back-meta (slapd_1) which redirects all LDAP messages to an slapd/back-bdb instance
(slapd_2). This last slapd instance manages also some other referrals to other slapd/back-bdb instance (slapd_3)

   I have configured back-meta to follow the referrals. When sending an LDAPsearch to slapd_1 with a base
that I have configured as a referral in slapd_2 (the acual data is stored in slapd_3) I see the "Referral  (10)" result
code in slapd_1 (I am tracing it) but the back-meta is NOT following that referral.

   I tried directly sending the LDAPsearch to slapd_2 using through the ldapsearch commnand (setting the ldap.conf option

REFERRAL parameter to "yes") but I see exactely the same (the "10" resul code, the right "ref" parameter -pointing
to the right entry in slapd_3) but the command is NOT following the referral.

  I tested it with the java LDAPBrowser tool (setting the "follow referrals" option) and it works properly (so now I am sure

it is not a problem in the data stored in the backends involved).

   Do you know what I am missing? I do not know if I forgot some "configuration" option when compiling/creating the
openldap libclient library (when installing openLDAP 2.4) as it is used in both ldapsearch and back-meta (so I am starting

to think the problem is in that "common" component) …

NOTE: I have tried with referrals followng the "ldap:// …." and "ldap://localhost:…" patterns (as all slapd instances are

running in the same machine) but I got the same error ….

Thanks in advance

Best regards / Antonio

Antonio Alonso Alarcón
CUDB System Engineer

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Via de los Poblados 13          Mobile: +34 609640579 (66215)
28033 Madrid, Spain                           Fax: +34 91339 1636
E-mail: Antonio.Alonso@ericsson.com