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Re: Regarding distributed directory services : ldap_add_s: Insufficientaccess (50)

On Wednesday 12 December 2007 11:13:25 Rakesh Yadav wrote:

> >> bdb_add: no write access to parent
> >
> > [...]
> >
> >> Now tell me whats the problem.
> >
> > The log tells you what the problem is, if you bother to read it.
> Actually i already knew that i was getting "bdb_add: no write access to
> parent" error but i wanted to ask how can i overcome it.
> but for the time being i have granted write permission to all in client
> slapd.conf file and it is working now.

But, this has nothing to do with the multi-master setup that you said was 
causing the problems.

Please, go and read the slapd.access man page, or the relevant parts of the 
admin guide.