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Re: Strange TLS behaviour with slapd 2.3.30 on Debian Etch


On Mon, 2007-12-10 Denis Sacchet wrote:
> I have a strange behaviour regarding TLS encryption with an LDAP server.
> Everything works like a charm for a while, and without any sign, the
> server begins to not respond for TLS traffic. As the server is partially
> open on internet, I force TLS, so it is very annoying for us.
> I change a lot of parameters, I already read several thread about that
> (and more specially, the one with exactly the same error message as me,
> where it was solved by specifying the same ciphers in slapd.conf and
> ldap.conf, but it doesn't work for me ...)
> You will find all my parameters below, hope I forget nothing. I can
> provide more log files with and without the problem on demand.
> The ldap server is used by apache, postfix, saslauthd, pam_ldap,
> nss_ldap ...
> Thanks in advance if someone can found a solution for me !!!
> [...]

We are experiencing exactly the same issues without having found any solution 
yet. Any suggestion highly appreciated!

Fabian Steiner