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Re: OpenLDAP Planning

<quote who="Daniel Gibby">
> Hi,


> We are somewhat new to OpenLDAP and are planning on how we'll use it for
> our business.

This thread may be more suitable for the general LDAP mailing list:


Nothing, as yet, seems directly related to OpenLDAP since you appear to be
at the "understanding LDAP" stages.

> We have a few different uses we plan on, but one in particular that I
> have a question about.
> We already have our email server setup to run virtual domain and aliases
> with a MySQL backend.
> We have a few thousand email addresses at one domain and we pretty much
> won't need more meta-information related to them besides what is already
> in our database.
> A spam firewall appliance sits in front of our email server. The spam
> firewall supports an LDAP lookup for email addresses.
> Since we already use MySQL for the backend of our email addresses, what
> would be the ways we should consider integrating OpenLDAP to support the
> spam firewall appliance?

Switch MySQL out for OpenLDAP. Put your virtual domains and aliases in
there and then point your Spam/Firewall appliance at it.

> I'm wary of using back-sql since all I ever see when searching through
> the OpenLDAP archives are somewhat old issues and lack of support.

Not lack of support, mainly inproper use of back-sql or misunderstanding
its intended purpose...

> If I'm wrong about shying away from that, let me know.
> It seems to me that we need a very simple implementation for this part
> of our business. Our schema only needs to include the email address,
> that's it.
> For other areas of our business we'd want to setup something more
> extensive on another server, but what would you see as options for
> setting up what we be required for this appliance lookup?
> Thanks for your input! I'll post questions about our other uses or
> issues of OpenLDAP in another thread.

Again, these discussion items are better suited to the general LDAP list:




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