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Re: logging

It looks like a loglevel of 256 will give me the basic "client request
data". (It's just not in one line. But, that's a 'parsing problem'. :> )

I still have the questions around using something other than local4.
And, the possibility of using "local.error" vs "local.info".

Also, not sure how data from a sync is logged (at loglevel 256).

Lastly, there's the questions about future work:
	sticking with syslog?
	Putting different things in different files?
		(Error vs debug vs normal requests)


Craig wrote:
> Hi, I was recently looking at our logs and trying to figure out what an
> appropriate logging level is for a stable, production system.
> What I would really like is a log (or logs) that contain:
> 	- the request made
> 	- the client (IP) that made the request
> 	- how much time it took to answer the request
> 	- any errors, with LDAP error codes
> 		including errors with configs
> 	- syncrepl info, eg:
> 		"sync completed added 2 entries, changed 4"
> The current log level scheme doesn't seem to support that. (Please
> correct me if I'm wrong.) I guess I am looking for something more like
> Apache's logging (access/request log and an error log).
> While openldap uses syslog, there is no mention of it supporting
> "debug/info/error/warn" type of log differentiation.
> Is it possible to do all of the above "today"? If not, is it "on the plan"?
> Is there any plan to move away from using syslog? Or at least, make it
> configurable which syslog facility to use? (Not having "local4" hardcoded.)
> Any comments would be appreciated.
> TIA!
> Craig