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Re: logging

Please read slapd(8) and slapd.conf(5) man pages, specifically slapd options -s -n -l.

I'm not sure why we wouldn't want syslog. Using the -d flag will change it to stderr, or you could modify the Debug() macro, if you don't think syslog is the right fit. I guess there's an argument for variable severity...of course that could still be done with syslog() and a bit of code.

loglevel sync will show you syncrepl stuff. Not quite as high level as you'd want, but it should be derivable. I think there is/was/might be some Perl script in contrib for log parsing. You might start there.

On Fri, 7 Dec 2007, Craig wrote:

It looks like a loglevel of 256 will give me the basic "client request
data". (It's just not in one line. But, that's a 'parsing problem'. :> )

I still have the questions around using something other than local4.
And, the possibility of using "local.error" vs "local.info".

Also, not sure how data from a sync is logged (at loglevel 256).

Lastly, there's the questions about future work:
	sticking with syslog?
	Putting different things in different files?
		(Error vs debug vs normal requests)

Thanx Craig

Craig wrote:
Hi, I was recently looking at our logs and trying to figure out what an
appropriate logging level is for a stable, production system.

What I would really like is a log (or logs) that contain:
	- the request made
	- the client (IP) that made the request
	- how much time it took to answer the request
	- any errors, with LDAP error codes
		including errors with configs
	- syncrepl info, eg:
		"sync completed added 2 entries, changed 4"

The current log level scheme doesn't seem to support that. (Please
correct me if I'm wrong.) I guess I am looking for something more like
Apache's logging (access/request log and an error log).

While openldap uses syslog, there is no mention of it supporting
"debug/info/error/warn" type of log differentiation.

Is it possible to do all of the above "today"? If not, is it "on the plan"?

Is there any plan to move away from using syslog? Or at least, make it
configurable which syslog facility to use? (Not having "local4" hardcoded.)

Any comments would be appreciated.