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Re: logging

--On December 7, 2007 4:07:12 PM -0800 Craig <craig5@pobox.com> wrote:

It looks like a loglevel of 256 will give me the basic "client request
data". (It's just not in one line. But, that's a 'parsing problem'. :> )

I still have the questions around using something other than local4.
And, the possibility of using "local.error" vs "local.info".

Also, not sure how data from a sync is logged (at loglevel 256).

Lastly, there's the questions about future work:
	sticking with syslog?
	Putting different things in different files?

Read the man page on syslog, for examples on how to put the LDAP data into a different file.

Read the man page on slapd for how to log to a different syslog level, or read the configure --help output for how to compile it to use a different syslog level.

Or look at the auditlog and accesslog overlays for other things you can do.



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