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Re: syncrepl LDIF kickstart file

<quote who="Scott Classen">
> On Nov 21, 2007, at 2:53 PM, Gavin Henry wrote:
>>> I've been thinking about this some and I am still confused about what
>>> is probably a fairly simple syncrepl concept.
>>> What I have been trying to do is synchronize the cn=config base from
>>> the PROVIDER to the CONSUMER. My hope was that by replicating
>>> cn=config then all the other databases (well, really only the primary
>>> BDB for now) would then be automagically synched too. Does this make
>>> sense?
>> Rather than try to debug all of above, I'm stepping back and trying to
>> understand what you are doing.
>> So you are trying to sync the providers config to the consumer?
>> This is like MirrorMode or Multi-Master.
>> If you have a master and a slave (the slave with a syncprov overlay
>> on),
>> then plan to bootstrap from the slave for another slave, then that
>> makes
>> sense, i.e. what you plan above is ok.
>> Can you clarify?
> OK. The BIG picture. I am running a small operation here. I will
> probably never have more than 100 users in my LDAP directory.
> I have one machine that is currently running openldap 2.4.6 as my one
> and only (i.e. Master) LDAP server.
> Now that LDAP is up and running I am starting to slowly migrate
> existing users over to the LDAP directory.
> It is absolutely imperative that if the master server becomes
> unavailable that users can still function.
> Therefore, I was trying to set up a backup LDAP server. My research
> has led me to the conclusion that I should be using syncrepl (of the
> regular sort ... not mirrormode or multi-master) to create my second
> backup LDAP server.


> I thought by installing openldap 2.4.6 on a second machine and using a
> short 10-15 line seed.ldif file it would talk to the master LDAP
> server, get the cn=config from the master and see that in addition to
> the cn=config base there is also another BDB base
> (dc=example,dc=als,dc=lbl,dc=gov), and then it would sync up that guy
> too.

But if you replicate the config, you are creating another master. You have
to create a seperate config for the slave. There is no harm from then on
to create a seed.ldif and replicate your cn=config from another slave.