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Re: syncrepl LDIF kickstart file

I thought by installing openldap 2.4.6 on a second machine and using a
short 10-15 line seed.ldif file it would talk to the master LDAP
server, get the cn=config from the master and see that in addition to
the cn=config base there is also another BDB base
(dc=example,dc=als,dc=lbl,dc=gov), and then it would sync up that guy

But if you replicate the config, you are creating another master. You have
to create a seperate config for the slave. There is no harm from then on
to create a seed.ldif and replicate your cn=config from another slave.


Yes, I see your point. This was a concern of mine. I was suspicious that simply replicating the cn=config from the master would not work as a seed for a slave I was envisioning.

So I need a slave-specific cn=config?

Is it possible to store a second cn=config on the master server that is specific for slave machines?
How would you do this? What would it look like?

Could I make a cn=slave,cn=config and use that as the cn=config for all slave machines.