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Re: syncrepl LDIF kickstart file

On Nov 21, 2007, at 2:53 PM, Gavin Henry wrote:

I've been thinking about this some and I am still confused about what
is probably a fairly simple syncrepl concept.

What I have been trying to do is synchronize the cn=config base from
the PROVIDER to the CONSUMER. My hope was that by replicating
cn=config then all the other databases (well, really only the primary
BDB for now) would then be automagically synched too. Does this make

Rather than try to debug all of above, I'm stepping back and trying to understand what you are doing.

So you are trying to sync the providers config to the consumer?

This is like MirrorMode or Multi-Master.

If you have a master and a slave (the slave with a syncprov overlay on),
then plan to bootstrap from the slave for another slave, then that makes
sense, i.e. what you plan above is ok.

Can you clarify?

OK. The BIG picture. I am running a small operation here. I will probably never have more than 100 users in my LDAP directory.
I have one machine that is currently running openldap 2.4.6 as my one and only (i.e. Master) LDAP server.
Now that LDAP is up and running I am starting to slowly migrate existing users over to the LDAP directory.
It is absolutely imperative that if the master server becomes unavailable that users can still function.
Therefore, I was trying to set up a backup LDAP server. My research has led me to the conclusion that I should be using syncrepl (of the regular sort ... not mirrormode or multi-master) to create my second backup LDAP server.

I thought by installing openldap 2.4.6 on a second machine and using a short 10-15 line seed.ldif file it would talk to the master LDAP server, get the cn=config from the master and see that in addition to the cn=config base there is also another BDB base (dc=example,dc=als,dc=lbl,dc=gov), and then it would sync up that guy too.

My concern is that I am using TLS and currently the names of
the crt and key files are different for the PROVIDER and CONSUMER so
simply replicating the cn=config may not actually work unless I remain
consistent in my naming of the SSL files. I guess I can do this, but I
thought to clarify the idea with the openldap experts first.

I'm still hopeful. I really like the idea of building a new machine,
compiling openldap, slapadding a seed LDIF file and instantly having a
backup slave LDAP server.


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