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RE: restrict rootdn binds by connection source IP address?

I believe you can just not create a rootdn (or not define a password for
it?  Or maybe define a password like {crypt}*NOLOGIN* (or an
md5/sha/ssha equivalent) that can't be used (not a valid hash)?), so you
effectively disable the rootdn, but create a normal account that has
full access to everything (except for the restrictions you want to
implement) to do what you would otherwise have used the rootdn for.  Not
*quite* the same, but it may fit your needs?

Is there anything the rootdn can do that you can't grant via acls to a
"normal" account (other than ignore acls)?

 - Jeff

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Only way to stop rootdn is to stop it from getting in in the first
tcp wrappers/iptables/etc. Which of course do a lot more than rootdn, 

On Mon, 19 Nov 2007, Aleksander Adamowski wrote:

> Hi!
> Knowing that rootdn always bypasses ACLs, is there any other way to
> BIND operations that use rootdn to certain source IP addresses for
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