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RE: Inserting ACLs in CN=config

>>> from reading the AdminGuide and a quick search through the
FAQ-o-Matic I
>>> couldn't gather how I'd insert a new ACL between the existing rules
>>> and 3...
>> Reread section 5.3.6 of the Admin Guide. This has been documented for
>> more than a year.
>I took my time to read that section, for a third time. And no, it
>doesn't answer my question. It does document how to change the second
>rule - not how to insert a "2.5th" rule.
>So it seems like I have to do an LDAPsearch to gather all the olcAccess
>values, insert a new one between two of them, prepend the
>to them and put them in an LDIF to replace the whole attribute. How

It doesn't explicitly say this in section 5.3.6, but somewhere else
(forget where I saw it), I think I saw that if you have something like:

Attr: {0}val0
Attr: {1}val1
Attr: {2}val2

If you add Attr: {2}val2.5, existing values at {2} or above get pushed
up - i.e. attr: {2}val2 becomes attr: {3}val2 and the new one becomes

I assume the same mechanism is used throughout.

I seem to remember seeing this someplace, but can't find the reference -
is this correct, and if so can anyone provide a reference?

 - Jeff