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Re: Unexpected Attribute Behavior

On Friday 09 November 2007 22:46:10 Kevin Burnett wrote:
> I am implementing an OpenLDAP installation that utilizes inetOrgPerson
> as the main user structure with roughly forty attributes that may be
> used with each user. Of the forty attributes, I have added a custom
> schema which includes 15 custom attributes. I am using MySQL 5 as the
> backend via backsql.

As the problem you describe is obviously related to the use of back-sql, is 
there a specific reason you are using back-sql, or just because you think it 
is convenient? If there is no specific reason, you may wish to reconsider, as 
back-sql is not as well supported, feature rich, or anywhere near as fast as 
the primary (bdb, hdb) backends, where most likely you would not have 
experienced any problems that you are experiencing here.