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Re: strict ldif check

<quote who="1">
>> In other words, you have software that was broken for the past 10 years
>> that RFC2251 was in effect, before RFC4511 was written to allow your
>> software vendor to get away with never fixing their broken code. Nice.
> What makes you think my software is that old? Sort of telepathy?
> I think they added functionality we talk about just in the past year.
> All: and guys, I don't understand why the simple fact which was completely
> explained by Hallvard, leads to your negative reaction.

I never said that, I merely meant for you to re-read Hallvards reply. The
relevant part is:

"In RFC 2251 (the previous revision of LDAPv3), the client had to ensure
the latter: The "MAY or MAY NOT include..." you quoted was "MUST
include".  In RFC 4511, that has become the server's job."

So, in RFC 4511, this has become the servers job, i.e. slapd.