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Re: enabling uid and userPassword attributes

On Sunday 11 November 2007 00:27:25 Jeremiah Lopez wrote:
> I am planning on utilizing OpenLdap as a repository for users and
> authentication credentials.  I have installed the software and edited
> the slapd.conf specific to my domain.  In slapd.conf, I noticed that
> it includes core.schema, so I took a look inside this file to see what
> fields (attributes) are specified.  The 'uid' and 'userPassword'
> attributes are commented out and since it is recommended not to edit
> this file, I was wondering how I go about enabling these attributes?
> I have already tried creating another schema file and including that
> in my slapd.conf, but when I attempted to run, it stated that those
> attributes already exist.

I think the better answer to your question in this case is: If you would like 
to know what schema definitions are available in the server, instead of 
looking at the configuration for such schema definitions, use the exiting 
interfaces to list the schema definitions on the server.

For example:

$ ldapsearch -h localhost -x -s base -b cn=subschema attributetypes|
perl -p0e 's/\n //g'|grep userPassword
attributeTypes: ( NAME 'userPassword' DESC 'RFC2256/2307: password of 
user' EQUALITY octetStringMatch SYNTAX{128} )