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Re: When to delete client content during RFC4533 synchronization?

Howard Chu wrote:
And please post back here with more status on your syncrepl implementation, I believe you're one of the first outside the OpenLDAP Project.
I am about done and quite happy with the result. I only need to write code to restart aborted syncs and some more code to manage many concurrent syncs in just a few threads.

I am afraid I am not allowed to open source this :( (I did ask). The effort was too large (about a week, but that excluded a lot of prior research), and the advantage compared to competitors in our market is just too large. I will however post a tutorial on extending JLDAP so that at least others can get a grasp on how to approach this. I'll post the link here when its done.

PS. I filled a second, much smaller, syncrepl bug under ITS#5211.
Thanks. Now fixed in HEAD.

Regards, Erik.

-- Erik van Oosten http://2008.rubyenrails.nl/ http://day-to-day-stuff.blogspot.com/