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Re: When to delete client content during RFC4533 synchronization?

Howard Chu wrote:
Erik van Oosten wrote:
Still, this interpretation can not be correct. When I run my sync client
program against OpenLDAP (2.3.36), and then restart it after the refresh
stage with the last received cookie (note: the DIT remains unchanged), the
first message is exactly that SyncInfoMessage of refreshPresent with
refreshDone set to TRUE. Using our interpretation I should now delete all
client content! Since the DIT was not changed this is clearly wrong. (By
the way the new server cookie is the same as the initial cookie, but
depending on this is tricky; the client should never interpret the

Are you still talking about refreshAndPersist mode, or refreshonly?
I am talking about a refreshAndPersist operation (otherwise I would not get a syncInfoMessage with refreshDone set to true). Mode refreshOnly is working as expected.

There appears to be a detail missing from the RFC - when no changes have occurred since the last refresh, for refreshOnly the provider will send a Sync Done refreshDeletes control with no cookie. I.e., if the state hasn't changed, the cookie would be identical, so there's no need to send it back to the consumer.
You say Sync Done refreshDeletes, that is indeed what you get with refreshOnly. However, with refreshAndPersist you get a single syncInfoMessage of refresh*Present*. Shall I report this as a bug?

My interpretation of 'no cookie' in the SyncDone/SyncInfoMessage was to use no initial cookie in the next synchronization. But your interpretation is probably better indeed.

For refreshAndPersist it always sends the cookie back. I think this may be a bug, we probably shouldn't be sending the cookie in this case either. So, you *should* be able to assume that no changes have occurred at all when no cookie is returned.
Okay thanks, I'll use that assumption. I'll also use the assumption that if the cookie is the same, no changes have occurred.


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