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Re: OpenLDAP 2.4.6

<quote who="Tony Earnshaw">
> I've built rpms for and and installed OL 2.4.6 on my Fedora FC6
> test/production machine. The rpms were built from a Mandriva cooker srpm
> built by Buchan Milne, with a slightly adapted spec file, which
> adaptations I've let Buchan know about.
> Experience to date suggests that 2.4.6 is a drop in for the 2.3.39 that
> it was running, with the exception that a few of the spec file
> parameters had to be changed for FC6, but more importantly that a couple
> of the basic ACLs had to be changed: It seems that 2.4 is more picky
> about ACLs than 2.3.

Yes, I noticed that with a:

by anonymous auth

on 2.3 this was ok, in 2.4 it was treated as "by auth". I've yet to report
this properly with some evidence to back my thoughts up.

> It's running well for basic user authentication, smtp and IMAP and
> coping as well as 2.3.39 did. Now I've got it running, I'm looking at
> the Administrator's Guide for 2.4. This is a fantastic, hugely amended
> and augmented document in comparison to the 2.3 Admin Guide. I suppose
> it was Gavin Henry (http://www.suretecsystems.com/) who is responsible
> for it but can't be sure.

With a few patches here and there. I started in April/May, but it's been a
slow 6 or so months, squeezing in bits.

There's still a lot to complete, but the PDF of 2.3 vs 2.4 has 80 pages
difference ;-)

Let's hope others read it.

> Anyway, it's going to cost me a couple of days
> to go through it and see what more OL 2.4 can mean for my production
> systems than 2.3.
> I trust than Buchan will provide an srpm for Red Hat/CentOS/Fedora
> people at http://staff.telkomsa.net/packages before long.
> Best,
> --Tonni
> --
> Tony Earnshaw
> Email: tonni at hetnet dot nl