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Re: delta-syncrepl replica out of date

On 10/27/07 2:21 PM, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
--On Saturday, October 27, 2007 11:14 AM -0700 Quanah Gibson-Mount <quanah@zimbra.com> wrote:

Everything's happy.

Two other notes.

(a) Stopping, then restarting, all CSN's are on sync in the master:


and note that neither is the startup time, both are the time of the last modification, as it should be.

/sigh -- I am seeing the same thing now. The only thought I have about why the accesslog db contextCSN was so out of date the first time I posted is that the statement ordering in the slapd.conf you helped me with was causing a problem.

I also was assuming it was related to startup time -- because it had the date and rough time stamp of when the slapd had last been started. However, since there is a branch of the tree that has a ton of writes (sendmail spam prevention) (/bigsigh), that was a bad assumption to state as fact. What I really should have said was that the accesslog db appeared to have the contextCSN that was set when the slapd process was last started on the master server. Not that the contextCSN was the start time. It was 2007101022xxxxZ -- and I have tossed that ldif file, so I can't be any surer than that -- the important thing is that the slapd had been restarted the evening of 20071010 and the accesslog db contextCSN was way out of date when I checked on the 22nd.

I have left my hourly checking of the contextCSN values running all weekend and the contextCSN of the main db and the accesslog db have stayed in sync.

(b) I enable the syncprov overlay on my replicas.

Is this required, or just to allow you to use them as syncrepl providers in the future? Do you also run the accesslog overlay on your replicas or just the syncprov overlay in the main db?

(c) I am still seeing the absence of hint activity. Unless someone has a way for me to catch it with a loglevel, I will have to dig into the source and sort this out (which with my other duties is a real drag this week).

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